Adoption Update: Erebus

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Adoption Update: Erebus

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It wasn’t a year yet after my husband and I got married that I started talking about wanting a dog. He was skeptical because he grew up with cats. Also, he is allergic to most furry animals. I searched all the websites and went into PetCo Holland occasionally to see what shelters and rescues had on their adoption days. We won’t be having any kids for various reasons and I wanted a dog to love. It had to be the right dog though. One day we were on our way to Target and I asked my husband if we could stop by PetCo “just to see”. He humored me. When we walked in, this adorable black dog peeked her head around the corner of table and my heart just melted. I fell in love. My husband was hesitant, but Erebus went right up to him and wanted to play. He didn’t have any reaction to touching her so we went home after our errand and talked about it. He gave in and she’s been the biggest blessings in our lives. My husband plays and plays with her and they are napping buddies. She follows me around the house, loves car rides and barking at herself in the mirror. She snuggles up with both of us, makes me smile when I am sad and greets us at the door with exuberance like nothing I’ve ever seen. Our first Christmas was so special and we are so blessed to have her to complete our family. Thank you so much for all that you do with your dogs. You’ve blessed us with a little companion. She is loved and spoiled!

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