Godspeed JD

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Godspeed JD

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It was August of 2014 that we first met JD. A rough summer thunderstorm had just blown through West Michigan. An elderly man walked in to the vet clinic with his tail wagging old Golden Retriever. He requested to have the dog euthanized. When asked why, he said that his wife wouldn’t let him bring the dog back home. The dog had storm anxiety and had destroyed something in the house. As he talked, tears began to form in his eyes. When asked if he would consider surrendering the ol’ boy to A New Start On Life, he readily agreed. In talking to him we learned that JD had been his friend since he was a puppy and had lived on the man’s blueberry farm in Holland, MI.
I don’t know if this post will ever reach that man, but I wanted to let him know that JD left us yesterday. But in the year and half since he last saw him, JD led an amazing life. He was adopted by an exceptional young woman who doted on that old farm dog. He slept on orthopedic beds, got car rides on demand, had top notch medications and supplements to ease his arthritis and storm anxiety and ate the very best food and treats. He still had issues when unpredicted storms would roll through, and even did some damage to his new home – but never once did he know anything other than understanding and sympathy for his anxiety.
JD knew unconditional love and touched many lives. When his mind and old bones succumbed to the pain of his age, that exceptional young woman sat and held his head as he left her. Later she posted this promise to him “I promise you JD that I’ll always take on a foster like you, either a senior dog or one with a tough past who has their quirks. Although I can’t promise that said pet will ever leave, just like you my foster failure! ❤”
Please share JD’s story, and maybe that man will see it and find comfort. Or maybe someone who can no longer keep their pet will consider surrendering to a reputable rescue, and that pet can too go on with an amazing life and find an exceptional new owner. It’s hopefully never easy to give up a pet, but there are some times where it is the best thing.
Godspeed JD


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