Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering about adopting a new pet from A New Start on Life Rescue?  Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the pets ANSOL has available for adoption and about our organization.

Why should we adopt from ANSOL?

By adopting a dog from a rescue organization, you will be able to talk with the person taking daily care of that pet, what their temperament is like, their personality, their likes and dislikes.  The foster homes treat each foster pet as their own and can more accurately let you know how that pet reacts in a home environment, when company comes over, that thunder storms scare the dickens out of it or that loud noises don’t phase it.

 Where does ANSOL get the dogs from?

The dogs ANSOL has available for adoption come primarily from commercial breeding facilities, also known as puppy mills.  These dogs are from states like Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to name a few.  Other dogs are from local shelters, owner surrenders, and even vet offices.

Where are the dogs and cats kept?

All of our ANSOL dogs are kept in individual foster homes.  We have no kennel facility; therefore each and every pet is given loving attention in a caring home environment.

Why is the adoption donation so high?

The adoption donation may seem high compared to your local shelter.  Every pet placed by ANSOL has had all of its medical work updated, including having their teeth cleaned, or having other costly, often difficult surgeries such as knee surgery, leg or eye removal.  Your donation covers all of this work.  Donations made to ANSOL are applied to a pet that may need more extensive medical work done, or to special projects, such as the heart murmur babies.  That free puppy posted on the bulletin board at the grocery store isn’t free-it comes with a spay/neuter bill, shots, heartworm test, heartworm prevention bill, etc.  See associated document for comparison costs.

Can I adopt if I’ve never had a dog?

Yes!  Not having had a pet in the past does not mean you can’t adopt.  What it does mean is that we may recommend a dog better suited to your lifestyle.  We may recommend a more mild-mannered dog, one that doesn’t have a stubborn streak, or that gets along well with people, is more social and outgoing.

Are the foster homes paid to take care of the pets?

Each ANSOL foster home volunteers their time and supplies to their foster pets.  The foster homes treat their foster pets like their own.  They provide collars, leashes, toys, blankets, food and treats for their foster pets.  This can get quite costly, especially if the foster home has multiple foster pets.  Donations of toys, treats, pet beds, and clothing are always welcome, as well as monetary donations to help defray those costs.

Why do I have to sign a contract?

An adoption contract is standard with most rescue groups.  The contract is for the safety and welfare of the dog as well as for you.  Our concern for the dog continues long after it has been adopted and if something happens once the dog is home, we want to help out.  If you can no longer keep the dogs, please contact us and we will take the dog back.  We have rescued some of these dogs from terrible conditions.  We do not want them to go back to those, or worse, to be put down when there are members of our organization who will take the dog back in and foster it until another good home is found.

Why are some dogs tagged as no kids?

A majority of our dogs have never had contact with children.  Fast, frenetic movements startle and frighten puppy mill dogs and cause them to retreat in fear.  Since one of our goals is to help the dogs learn trust, placing them in a home where they live in fear defeats our purpose of giving them a better life.  Also, some of the breeds we rescue were bred to hunt small, darting creatures.  Toddlers can be mistaken for those creatures and we want to avoid an injury.

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